Press Releases


Underfunded Civil Rights Agency Fails to Enforce Discrimination Law, Bows to Secret Policy on Public Workers 

Aborted state payroll system suffered from failure to resolve core issues, leadership turnover and lapses in due diligence

States' lack of Scrutiny Allows Sex Offenders and Unethical Counselors to Treat Addicts, Report Finds

Schools misappropriating millions meant to feed poor students as state struggles to control fund misuse, report finds



State's erratic policing of drug and alcohol homes left clients vulnerable, report finds 

Oversight Report Urges New Strategy for Capturing Green Energy Manufacturing Jobs, Questions Conventional Approaches 



Over a decade, ten tax breaks cost $6.3 billion more than anticipated, report finds

Supportive Housing Program Works to End Homelessness, but Counties Need More Flexibility

'A Courtroom Unlike Any Other': New Report Examines a Promising Tool to Halt Prisons' Revolving Door

California Fails to Regulate Private Caregivers, Exposing Elderly to Those With Criminal Backgrounds, Report Finds

State housing agency forecloses on borrowers even as they remain current on payments, report finds



Does the Inspector General Need 105 Armed Peace Officers?

Disincentives Hamper Child Care Fraud Efforts

Lax Controls on Affordable Housing Money

Gaps Emerge in Consumer Protections after Phone Deregulation

Discrepancies Cast Doubt on Redevelopment Housing Data

State's Failure to Cross-Check Backgrounds Puts Elderly in Danger, Report Finds

Furloughs, Budget Cuts Disrupt Tax Collection



Furloughs in Federally-Funded Programs Hinder Delivery of Benefits, Frustrate U.S. Officials

Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes Exposes Urgent Flaws in State Program to Detect and Respond to Elder Abuse and Neglect

Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes Report Shows Longer Wait Times at DMV Due to Furloughs

Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes Finds Furlough General Fund Savings Illusory In State Round the Clock Operations

Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes Examines IHSS in First Report



Steinberg Sworn in as Senate President Pro Tempore

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