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Coverage on SOOO Reports

Fact Check: Despite failures by States' toxics regulation, many recent criticisms are unfounded

 Report Written: July 14, 2014

NBC (Bay Area): Senate Investigation Finds "Major Problems" in State Toxics Dept.

Department of Fair Employment and Housing: Underfunding and Misguided Policies Compromise Civil Rights Mission

Report Written: December 18, 2013

SF Gate: Editorial: Stop the meddling, Governor

Sacramento Bee: Report faults CA governor's office policy for chilling discrimination claims

LA Times: Secret policy allows governor to veto public job bias cases

San Jose Mercury News: Report: Budget cuts, 'secret policy' cripple state civil rights agency

News 10: 'Secret' policy lets governor nix civil rights investigations, says report

Crash Course: Failure to heed early warnings, troubles of the past contributed to payroll system collapse

Report Written: August 12, 2013

Sacramento Bee Editorial: Payroll snafu is a symptom of larger problem

Sacramento Bee: State officials blame payroll debacle, on contractor, other agency

LA Times: Weak contracts, lack of expertise hurt tech projects, officials say

LA Times: Controller's office bears some blame for payroll flop, report says

LA Times: Upgrade to state payroll system hurt by lax oversight, report says

NEWS 10: state payroll system project 'doomed', says report

CBS SF Bay Area: Audit blames California Controller's Office for Botched Payroll System Fix

Suspect Treatment: State's Lack of Scrutiny Allows Unscreened Sex Offenders and Unethical Counselors to Treat Addicts

 Report Written: May 13, 2013

Sacramento Bee: California Senate report blasts lax oversight of drug counselors

Los Angeles Times: Lax oversight allows felons to counsel addicts, report finds

Food Fight: Small Team of State Examiners no Match for Schools that Divert Student Meal Funds

Report Written: February 6, 2013

Los Angeles Times: L.A. Unified misused $158 million in student meal funds

San Francisco Chronicle: School lunch funds misused, report says

Orange County Register: State Orders Santa Ana Schools to repay $2.7 million in Meal Funds

Riverside Press-Enterprise Editorial: Strengthen state oversight of school funding

Huffington Post: California School Districts Misspent Millions Of Cafeteria Money, State Senate Report Finds

CBS Los Angeles story (Channels 2 &9): REPORT: LAUSD Misappropriated $158M In Fundraiser For Low-Income Meals

NBC Los Angeles (Channel 4): LAUSD Among Districts Accused of Dipping into Students' Lunch Money

Finding the Sweet Spot: Green Energy Incentives and Job Creation

Report Written: April 26, 2012

Los Angeles Times: California's alternative-energy program under scrutiny

The Sacramento Bee: California missing out on 'green' manufacturing jobs 

Bleeding Cash: Over a decade, Ten Tax Breaks Cost California $6.3 Billion More Than Anticipated

Report Written: September 8, 2011

California Watch: Senate Report Warns of Rising Cost of Tax Breaks

Housing the Mentally Ill and Chronically Homeless: An Effective Solution, but Counties Need Greater Flexibility

Report Written: August 11, 2011

California Watch: Housing Program for Mentally Ill Struggles in Rural  Counties

A Court Room Unlike Any Other

Report Written: August 1, 2011

San Jose Mercury News Opinion: Judge's Unique Approach Could Save State Millions

Caregiver Roulette: California Fails to Screen Those who Care for the Elderly at Home

Report Written: April 21, 2011

New York Times: In California, Renewed Debate Over Homecare

California Watch: Seniors at Risk of Hiring Caregivers With Criminal Pasts

Gun-Toting Auditors and Attorneys: Does the Inspector General Need 105 Armed Peace Officers

Report Written: November 30, 2010

Orange County Register: What Do You Call An Attorney With A Gun?

California Watch: Report Questions Why State Auditors Pack Heat

Los Angeles Times: An Odd Class of Peace Officer

Where Does the Affordable Housing Money Go? Administrative Spending by Redevelopment Agencies Lacks Accountability

Report Written: September 30, 2010

Contra Costa Times: Hercules Finds Place in Study of Spending on Low-Income Housing

A Primer on IHSS Fraud and Suggestions for Curbing It

Report Written: June 26, 2009

Article from Capitol Weekly: How much IHSS fraud is there?

California Public Utilities Commision: Gaps Emerge in Telephone Consumer Protections

Report Written: July 16, 2010

San Bruno Blast Throws Spotlight on State Regulators

State PUC Has Let Down its Guard Since Phone Deregulation, Report Finds

Furloughs At the Francise Tax Board: Loss is Seven Times Greater Than the Savings

Report Written: February 12, 2010

The State Worker: Schwarzenegger's Latest Furloughs Pick Winners and Losers

DMV Shifts into Reverse: Furlough Fridays Eliminate Service Gains at Department of Motor Vehicles without Saving General Fund Money

Report Written: November 2, 2009

DMV Hit by Budget Cuts

Leaders Seek to Root Out Waste

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